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At Arborwell, Safety Is No Accident.
In any tree care organization, safety is paramount. There is a fine line between success and failure in any safety program - every tree care employee walks that line every day as they face a wide range of equipment and job duty related hazards. Thousands of tiny, routine daily decisions each employee makes is what determines their state of balance on that line. Core strength and awareness are key factors in maintaining balance, which Arborwell engrains in their people not only through rigorous training programs, but also encouraged and supported through a safety-centric culture.

Culture of Safety
Arborwell not only emphasizes the importance of thorough, continuous training and certification, but we also foster and develop a culture of safety through internal marketing. Arborwell's internal marketing program honors employees publicly for their accomplishments with the goal of continuing to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between the company and its employees.

One of our most recent posters is depicted above.  It highlights the top performers in our 2013 Aerial Rescue Training. It is displayed in all seven of Arborwell's yards across the state, as well as in the corporate office. This effort not only encourages employees to be proud of their accomplishments, but also inspires others to strive towards professional development and leadership in an incident-free workplace.


Training at Arborwell
The vision of the safety program is enhanced safety through professional development. In additional to weekly safety meetings, Arborwell holds numerous annual trainings in each of its seven regions across the state, including crane and equipment operation, aerial rescue training, and specific skills training.

Arborwell production employees receive an average of 50 hours of safety training annually. Employees are empowered to report all dangerous conditions for immediate correction, including on-the-job hazard analysis and regular communication between management and production.

Arborwell employees are also encouraged to become Certified Treecare Safety Professionals. The CTSP program teaches professionals strategies and tactics to develop and nurture a culture of safety. To learn more about the TCIA CTSP program, click here.

Below is another internal marketing piece Arborwell produced honoring all CTSP's at the company.