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Relocation & Preservation

Arborwell only uses the latest equipment and technology, which makes us the ideal solution for everything from transplanting trees of any size to preserving mature trees in accordance with industry guidelines. Arborwell's approach to tree transplanting is all encompassing. All of our processes from evaluation, preparation, boxing, relocating and aftercare are accomplished within our own organization.

What does it take to move and transplant trees?

  • Evaluation of the existing health and structure by our Certified Arborist
  • Evaluate the current location and the new location for a successful move
  • Determine specialized equipment necessary
  • Prepare tree for move by "hardening off" to reduce stress (hydration)
  • Ensure that the root system is minimally disturbed
  • Protect crown from wind and sun damage

If tree has been excavated and needs to be stored before replanting:

  • Ensure the temporary location is safe and protected from extreme elements
  • Regular monitoring of soil moisture level
  • Protection of bark and leaf canopy from insect infestation
  • Keep leaves clean from dust and dirt for adequate transpiration

Once tree has been placed in new location:

  • Prepare soil and drainage at new location
  • Cable and brace tree for stability
  • Continue with soil moisture and insect monitoring for the first 18 months
  • After 18 months, evaluate need for slow release fertilization