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Scale Infestation

fruit tree ornamental tree scale disease

Photos courtesy of Larry Costello PhD - University of California


Scale is a major pest of fruit and ornamental trees. It is inconspicuous and usually not noticed until large numbers cover the limbs.


Scale infects branches, shoots, leaves, and fruit. They suck the plant juices and weaken branches and main scaffold limbs causing permanent injury to mature trees. Limbs become covered with soft or hard shell scales in masses, and the leaves wilt and die, with oozing often present.

Arborwell Tree Services Wellness Approach

During the growing season, Arborwell’s technicians inspect trunks for ants, which may indicate a soft scale infestation.  Applications of horticultural oil applied during the dormant season is crucial to the success of control. In addition to
horticultural oil, soil injections are applied to control scale during their crawler stage.  Some scale are more difficult than others to control. An effective control can take two years of service.

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