Skilled Root Pruning Services

Serving Sacramento and all areas of California

Root Pruning Services Sacramento Arborwell Tree Management Services provides expert root pruning done by ISA Certified arborists. Knowing exactly when and how much to cut, helps us prevent or remedy any damage by overgrown roots while protecting your trees from destruction.

Root pruning may prevent lifting of driveways, streets, or building foundations. Roots may also need to be cut back to prepare trees for transplanting, preserve size or encourage flowering.

Roots that push their way through paved and concrete surfaces are unsightly, unsafe, costly to repair and may affect your property value. Commercial property managers, city officials, golf courses and real estate developers all over Northern and Southern California include root pruning as part of their regular tree management services with Arborwell.

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Professional Root Pruning Preserves Property Value and Tree Health

Root pruning can be more complicated than it looks. Roots are a tree’s lifeline to nutrients and support. Improper root pruning may kill the tree or destroy your carefully-planned landscape design.

When root pruning, here are some important points to keep in mind…

Arborwell Tree Management Services eliminates the guesswork in root pruning. We do a proper tree assessment to determine how the roots have grown before we start the job. Plus we have experienced arborists and cutting-edge equipment to ensure it’s done right.

You can count on Arborwell’s expert root pruning services to help maintain healthy trees and property value.

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