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At Arborwell, our mission is to cultivate long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our employees.


Arborwell’s core purpose and driving force as an organization is to help our customers be successful.  Founded in 2001 by Peter Sortwell, Arborwell’s continued growth and success can be attributed to the organization’s ongoing commitment to our core values:

  • Providing excellent customer service: Before, during, and after the work is done, the clients can count on us completely.

  • Valuing the employee: We recognize that employees are unique individuals who provide the most value to our company and encourage their personal growth.

  • Accountability & responsibility: We empower employees to make decisions and hold each other accountable for results.

  • Safety: Safety is no accident; we make conscious choices to work safely.

  • Teamwork: We’ve got each other’s back and work on solutions to our challenges together.

We are proud to say that many of our customers and our employees have been with us for many years – we treasure the long-term partnerships we have built over time, that have only grown stronger.  We work hard every day to continue to prove to our customers that we are truly their partner, ally, and knowledge resource when it comes to helping them find success through the care of their trees.  The same goes for our employees – we have cultivated a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth.  At Arborwell, we truly believe that happy employees = happy customers.



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