Safety & Training

At Arborwell, we believe that “safety is no accident”.

We are dedicated to creating mutually beneficial relationships with employees and clients – this mission is always at the core of Arborwell’s safety programs. Arborwell recognizes safety as a decision-making process. For this reason, training and development is the primary vehicle that empowers employees to make the best decisions every day.

Arborwell is dedicated to creating a culture of safety by emphasizing hazard awareness, combined with extensive investment in employee development and training. This emphasis helps employees create a cohesive team that collectively identifies and corrects hazards before they become an issue.

Under the Director of Safety and Fleet, Arborwell has a highly trained and experienced Risk Management Team. Managers in each region hold the Tree Care Industry Association (T.C.I.A.) Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (C.T.S.P.) credential. With assistance from the Safety Training Specialist and the Safety Management Trainee, each region develops its own risk management and training plan based on specific needs. Each of our seven regional branches has their own safety initiatives that are unique to specific trends in each respective region.

Weekly safety meetings are held between the Director of Safety and each of the branch’s production managers to discuss new or ongoing initiatives and how to further improve safety measures company-wide. Through these initiatives, employees are encouraged for exceptional performance and given feedback on areas of improvement. By design, this process creates a cohesive culture of safety.
Safety is the focus from day one at Arborwell. Upon hire, all employees are required to do a full-day safety orientation. Additionally, each year, all employees are offered at least 50 hours of paid training to maximize safety and reduce risk. As an ongoing process, the training program is continually updated to respond to changing needs. Content and protocols are updated annually to incorporate more dynamic safety measures into daily operations.

At each level of employment, crew members are offered training that correlates with their position. Both the Director of Safety and Fleet and the Safety Training Specialist provide hands-on training programs which include:

  • 2-day GROUNDSMAN training focused on climber support, equipment operation, and physical readiness.

  • 10-day APPRENTICE CLIMBER TRAINING focused on practical climbing skills.

  • 2-day FOREMAN training focused on leadership, communication, and advanced climbing skills.

  • 1-day job specific ESTIMATOR orientation with on-the-job training or internship opportunities.

  • PRODUCTION MANAGER orientation with on-the-job training and ongoing follow up meetings and trainings.

Not only are all Arborwell programs designed in accordance with industry, state and local regulations in mind, but Arborwell is also committed to becoming a true leader in safety. Arborwell’s goal of creating a culture of safety fulfills its mission by empowering employees to work safely while delivering the highest level of service to our clients.


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