Tree Wellness

We keep your trees healthy and protect them from pests and disease.

A tree’s health is not only managed through regular pruning and maintenance – it is important to protect them from pests and disease and make sure they have all the proper nutrients to ensure long-term vitality. Arborwell’s Plant Health Care Experts have an incredible depth of knowledge and are on the cutting edge of how to best treat any threats to your trees’ health.

Arborwell’s Plant Health Care Department offers services that can do the following:


  • Proactively protect your trees from pests or disease

  • Actively help solve an existing pest problem or disease

  • Solve “tenant/homeowner headache” issues, i.e. – fruit production, aphid honeydew

  • Provide the tree with additional nutrients to help it thrive

A small investment in long-term, proactive plant health care treatments can help your trees live longer, healthier lives while protecting people and properties from potential liability.



Tree Care Services

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Tree Wellness

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