Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports

Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports

Detailed storm damage, tree health assessments in California

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services offers comprehensive Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports for commercial properties in California. Our ISA-Certified Arborists have the training and experience to diagnose tree health issues. We can also provide an accurate appraisal of how the damage is likely to affect your income. Our detailed assessments, especially after a storm, help property managers make informed decisions about tree care, tree removal and replanting.

Structural damage affects tree stability and wellness. An Arborist Report gives a clear indication of whether the plant can be nurtured back to good health, what treatment it needs, or if it should be removed. Tree Loss Reports are useful to determine the revenue lost (for orchards, tree farms, plantations, etc.) and whether it’s worthwhile to replace the plants that have been destroyed.

In California and particularly in the Bay Area, property owners need to be watchful for pathogens that cause huge tree loss like in the case of “sudden oak death”. Periodic assessments of your commercial property can offer insights to citizen research scientists looking for ways to save California oaks.

Real estate developers, municipalities, schools, golf courses, businesses and industrial parks in California count on our expert assessments to preserve and protect their green investments.

Call for Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports in Northern and Southern California.
ISA-Certified Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports

When tree stability is compromised it may result in extensive property damage and serious personal injury. Tree removal is not the only option. Tree cabling and bracing provides the necessary support during recovery. At Arborwell we are committed to preserving tree life and will not recommend removal unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • We conduct meticulous ground and aerial inspections to enhance the accuracy of our Arborist Reports and Tree Loss Reports
  • Our trained arborists have extensive experience with storm damage assessments and tree valuation
  • We use the latest equipment for inspection to get the job done promptly and efficiently
  • Our expert tree protection plans can help nurse injured trees back to health

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