Know Your Tree Care Services Provider

Know Your Tree Care Supplier, Before Going Out On A Limb

When a building manager or property owner needs to decide on selecting a tree care supplier that can have a direct effect of their property’s value, appearance and environment, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. So, before you pick up the phone and begin to make calls perhaps you might ask yourself what should be the criteria for making such a selection? Focusing your efforts on identifying companies with expertise in their field, proven credentials and affiliations with leading trade organizations is a great place to start.

Just as you would select a family doctor or a lawyer to represent you, the selection of a company to maintain the beauty, health and safety of a property’s mature trees should be done in the same manner. In most cases, the appearance and unique environment of your property rests in the limbs of your trees. Well cared for, mature trees are attractive and can add considerable value to a property while poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability. Trees can even be one a property’s most valuable assets. Mature well-maintained trees can add as much as 20 percent more value to a real estate appraisal. Making the wrong decision on selecting a supplier for your tree care could be disastrous. Selecting a trusted leader in the tree care industry may be the best way for managers to add safety, and exceptional curb appeal to their property.

At Arborwell, trees are our only business. We understand that customers deserve impeccable service from the first interaction with our staff of certified arborists through the final cleanup. As part of our pledge to continually improve our business, Arborwell became one of the first companies in California to become accredited by The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). This consumer confidence accreditation program is similar to an ISO 9001-type quality compliance program tailored specifically for tree care companies. The program is built on a threefold foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence. The program includes a rigorous audit and examination of Arborwell’s company policies and procedures and acts as a “Seal of Approval” to our customers from America’s leading trade association.

The TCIA accreditation assures Arborwell customers that a thorough background check has been performed on the company and that the proper insurance, business & industry licenses are in place. Also, the company adheres to the highest industry quality standards, has stringent criteria in place for the training and professionalism of its employees, follows state and federal safety regulations, operates with reliable business ethics and has unparalleled customer satisfaction.

So what does this mean for building managers or property owners?

Hiring Arborwell to manage your property’s trees means you will be in the hands of qualified certified arborists. As specialist in the field of arboriculture, all Arborwell account managers have participated in education programs, testing and certification process instituted by the International Society of Arboriculture. All estimates are submitted in writing to customers and include technical work specifications in accordance to the American National Standards Institute. Estimates are detailed work specifications outlining tree pruning, fertilization, preservation, transplanting, removal or replacement work to be performed leaving nothing to question. Most importantly, by working with Arborwell, you will be dealing with an award winning company focused on GUARANTEED customer satisfaction.

Simply put, the next time you need to select a tree care specialist there is no need to put yourself out on a limb. Our team of professionals pay attention to the details of your property’s tree care and maintenance so you don’t have to. Arborwell can be reached at 888.969.TREE (8733) or on the web at

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