Palm Tree Care in Northern and Southern California

Palm Tree Care in California

The Californian landscape is replete with a variety of palm trees. Many residential and commercial plot owners find that once planted, the palm requires hardly any effort to maintain it. However, the trick to growing good healthy and prosperous palms is to know the soil and nutrient requirements of your palms. Another vital factor is early identification of any infections that the palms may have contracted.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s arborist services is trained in and can offer the most complete and safe care for the prevention of and protection from tree fungus and infestation.

Keep an eye on the palms on your property to look out for any symptoms of fungal infection. Better still get the trained arborists at Arborwell Professional Tree Management to do the job. Our ISA-certified technicians will advise you on the best possible prevention, care and treatment to keep your palms lush and healthy.

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We serve all areas of northern and southern California, San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and San Diego.

Arborwell’s ISA-Certified Wellness Technicians can visit your property and inspect your palms. We can advise you on the nutrient requirements of your plants and water requirements suitable to your soil type.

It is a known fact that unhygienic commercial tree trimming operations spread diseases. At Arborwell we use high levels of hygiene in all horticultural practices. Disposal of infected plants is done in a sanitary fashion. Sterilization of all cutting implements like saws, tools and clothing like gloves, etc. before moving onto a new palm ensures that other palms on your property remain clear of infection and disease.

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  • Provide palms with optimal growing conditions.
  • Ensure adequate water and a good supply of nutrients to palms. Potassium is often important in their nutrition and disease resistance.
  • Early diagnosis of infections is the key to healthy palms.

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