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Preventing and Controlling Boring Insects from Damaging Trees

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Boring insects can cause substantial, and occasionally fatal, tree damage. Insects can cause primary damage (attacking healthy trees) or secondary damage (attacking trees which are already weakened). The best protection from insect damage is to have healthy trees, to regularly exercise professional tree insect control, and to employ best practice horticulture.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s arborist services team is trained in and can offer the most complete and safe care for the prevention and protection of tree infestation through insect damage.

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Proper care of trees can help prevent insect damage, particularly from wood-boring insects. This tree care includes proper pruning, watering, mulching (composting) and fertilization. Arborwell can advise on all these matters and offer a wide range of services to help you maintain your trees in good health.

Most wood boring insects are attracted to already weakened trees, such as those which are dying, or have suffered stress from drought, fire, damage by other insects, or injury. Infestations by boring insects may go unnoticed until part of the plant begins to exhibit symptoms of suffering or dying, although some wood boring insects leave obvious external traces such as frass (a sawdust like by-product of the insects’ activities), or holes around the trunk and branches.

The boring insects most likely to cause tree damage are the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Bronze Birch Borer, Dogwood Borer, Elm Bark Beetle, and the Giant Palm Weevil.

Arborwell studies the overall system of the tree and offers comprehensive care and maintenance services to prevent insect damage. Should a tree be suffering insect damage already, Arborwell will treat the affected plant to reduce the damage, and advise on future pest control actions to protect the tree from boring insects in your vicinity and help to avoid further damage to your trees.

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  • Prevention is better than cure. Healthy trees can often successfully repel insect attacks, and proper care of trees can help infested trees survive.
  • Insect damage and infestation can be prevented using our effective tree and plant pest control services.
  • Insect infestation and damage can be treated by our skilled and qualified arborists.

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