Tree Pest Management

Tree Pest Management for California Commercial Properties

Protect Your Heritage, Ornamental and Fruit Trees

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services provides tree pest management services for California commercial properties. Our ISA-Certified Arborists will quickly identify the source of your tree health problems, then suggest and apply proven treatments to protect your investment.

Aphids, bark beetles, the gold spotted oak borer, California oakworm and light brown apple moth are some of the known tree pests that affect your ornamental, heritage and fruit trees. Neglect could lead to an infestation that will spread to healthy plants and could destroy them entirely. The rising number of sudden oak death cases is just one example of how poor tree pest management can cause widespread tree loss.

You can count on us to protect your trees and nurse them back to good health. We help real estate developers, municipalities, schools, golf courses, businesses and industrial parks with timely and accurate pest management that prevents the destruction of their trees.

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Tree Pest Management Catering to Your Needs

Arborwell offers a range of tree pest management plans to cover diverse needs. We tailor our treatments according to the specific health requirements of each property and tree. Even if your plants are not infected they need preventative care to ensure they stay healthy. Sick trees from neighboring properties could spread pests and disease to your trees.

Our arborists are committed to preserving tree life on commercial properties across California. We follow a proven process:

  • Conduct a detailed tree assessment to determine the cause and extent of pest infestation and damage
  • Define a proper tree pest management plan to remedy the problem and protect the healthy trees on your property
  • Use environmentally safe methods to achieve long-term and sustainable results
  • Offer tailored tree wellness plans to ensure the year-around vibrancy of your commercial landscape
  • Provide an unconditional satisfaction guarantee

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