Tree Warranty

Tree Warranty for California Properties

Reduce Storm Restoration Expenses, Restore Your Tree’s Health

Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s treeShield® service helps cover your trees against storm damage with a comprehensive limited tree warranty. Our tree insurance takes care of tree rehabilitation as well as tree debris removal so that you can focus on other remedial efforts required following a storm. Let our team of ISA-Certified arborists nurse your trees back to good health.

Fallen or leaning trees, broken branches and debris are a common occurrence after strong winds or a storm. These must be taken care of immediately in order to prevent further destruction of property and personal injuries.

California properties can minimize damage and restoration expenses after a storm. Arborwell has helped many real estate developers, municipalities, schools, golf courses, business and industrial parks restore tree health. You can count on us to protect and preserve your trees before and after a storm.

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Tree Insurance to Protect Your Trees and Maintain Property Value

Removal of hazardous trees, tree restoration and debris cleanup is expensive and stressful. Having the right tree insurance or warranty in place can eliminate any sudden surprises and unplanned expenses.

Arborwell’s treeShield® offers a comprehensive limited tree warranty in the event of storm damage. It covers the cost to:

Clean up and remove fallen trees and tree debris so you maintain your curb appeal and property value
Remove hazardous trees and limbs which can become a liability
Perform reparation services such as restorative pruning and cabling to give your trees the support they need and prevent their early demise

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