Brush Removal Is More Important Than Ever

Wildfire season is already underway in California. Is your business doing its part to protect itself and the surrounding community? Brush removal is more important than ever. California experiences 78 more fire days today than it did 50 years ago, and statistics for 2020 are already ahead of the curve. One hundred thousand acres have already burned, 72,000 acres more than at this time last season. Proactively managing your green spaces helps reduce the incidence of these megafires, keeping people and property safe.

Protect Your Property with Regular Tree and Brush Clearing Services

Regular tree and brush removal is a crucial part of responsible land management in the Bay Area. Arborwell Professional Tree Management can help you create a defensible space around your business, preventing the spread of fire to nearby structures. We are experts at firescaping. Our ISA-certified arborists can reduce fuel for fires across your property’s green spaces, lowering wildfire risk while maintaining the beauty of your grounds.  

Tree and Brush Removal Services with the Community and the Environment at Heart

We remove only the vegetation that puts your property at risk, safeguarding your community and the environment. After a thorough evaluation, our skilled team will efficiently remove dying, dead, and fallen trees that could fuel fires, the low branches of large trees that can serve as ladder fuel, and underbrush and ground debris. We have the experience and tools to complete these tasks quickly, with minimal disruption to your business and surrounding landscaping, leaving your property neat and clean.

Firescaping Offers a Broad Scope of Benefits

In addition to limiting possible fuel sources for brush fires, firescaping provides firefighters a safe space to guard your grounds in the event of a fire. Because it eliminates hazards, reducing dense brush may also qualify you for reduced insurance premiums. Removing brush supports tree wellness, freeing up space and nutrients and controlling pests and disease. The overall result of our careful firescaping services fosters more beautiful grounds, boosting curb appeal and property value.

Safeguard your property and mitigate fire risk with regular brush removal services. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management to schedule an evaluation or learn more about our firescaping services for your Napa, Livermore, Danville, Dublin, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Morgan Hill, Fremont, or Pleasanton property today.

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