Commercial Tree Pruning

Commercial Tree Pruning

tree pruning

Your trees add a lot of value to your commercial property, reducing noise, providing shade and privacy, and naturally enhancing its beauty. Providing a much-needed bath of fresh air, they make a positive impression on customers and tenants, solidifying your brand and boosting curb appeal. However, like any asset, they require regular care, and commercial tree pruning is a crucial part of these maintenance needs.

Safeguard Your Trees and Tenants with Regular Pruning

Left unattended, the trees surrounding your San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, or Seattle property will grow large and unmanageable, possibly even unsafe. Though tree pruning manages the aesthetic impact of unruly trees, there are many more valuable benefits to regularly pruning the trees of your campus, retail center, or business park.  

Tree Pruning is One of the Best Investments You Can Make in Your Property

Regularly trimming the trees on your commercial property:

  • Improves curb appeal.
    Artfully trimmed, healthy trees keep your property looking clean and well-manicured, increasing property value.

  • Prevents decay and disease.
    Eliminating dead and diseased branches with regular tree care services from Arborwell safeguards the health of your trees, helping them grow sturdy and strong, with the ability to withstand insects, diseases, and weather extremes.

  • Improves airflow through the canopy.
    Thinning the canopy of your trees improves airflow, allowing more room for healthy growth. It also lets in more sunlight to the ground beneath, supporting the vigorous growth of plants and grass.

  • Lengthens the lifespan of your trees.
    Properly pruned trees live longer, enhancing the appearance and value of your property.

  • Reduces hazards.
    With our skillful tree management services, we can help you eliminate a variety of hazards:
    • Removing low branches that obstruct pathways.
    • Keeping limbs a safe distance from power lines.
    • Thinning the canopy of your trees to reduce the potential for storm destruction, including damage to structures, vehicles, and injuries to pedestrians.
    • Proactively pruning to reduce the need for costly emergency tree removal services.

Keep Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy with Regular Tree Maintenance

Enlisting the help of a licensed, certified arborist is a wise investment in the future of your trees. Our experienced arborists always use proper pruning practices to maintain the health of your trees. We understand the need for careful pruning, and never practice harmful topping methods that cause stress, injury, and threaten the life of your trees. You can count on our TCIA accredited, ISA certified arborists to trim your landscaping with care, protecting the health and longevity of your trees. Keep your trees healthy and beautiful with Arborwell’s commercial tree pruning services. Contact us at to request an arborist consultation for your San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, or Seattle area property today.

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