Do Your Trees Have Pests or Health Problems?

How can you tell if your trees have pests or diseases? These problems can be challenging to recognize due to the sheer number of possible issues, and the fact that they may occur far above your head where they are difficult to spot! For this reason, pest infestation and tree diseases often go overlooked for years, then appear to progress quickly because they have gone unnoticed. Fortunately, there are common signs of poor tree health that can help you identify these problems early so you can get help from a professional arborist before you lose valuable trees. Find out if your trees have pests or health problems now with this handy list.

Holes in Tree Leaves

Small holes in the middle of leaves or irregular edges may indicate insect problems like beetles and weevils. Each has a unique chewing pattern, making it easy for an experienced arborist to identify offenders. Some diseases, such as the descriptively named shot hole fungus, also create holes in leaves.

Leaf Spots or Discoloration

Leaf spots come in many colors. Black, brown, orange, and yellow may indicate fungal diseases. White or tan may point to mites, scale, or lace bugs, especially when combined with fine webbing, or dull, dry, curling yellow foliage.

Deformed or Underdeveloped Foliage

Small, misshapen leaves can result from a variety of conditions, including insects, diseases, and poor environmental conditions.

Stunted Tree Growth

Underdeveloped, frail trees need the eye of an experienced arborist to uncover what’s holding them back before tree removal and replacement are necessary.

White Spots or Fuzz

Substances that resemble white, fuzzy, web-like masses or spots could indicate parasite infestation by scale insects, aphids, or adelgids.

Holes in Tree Bark

Holes in tree bark surrounded by sawdust are a definite sign your trees are being eaten or invaded by wood-boring pests like palm and oak borers.

Sticky Goo or Mold

Some insects, such as scale and aphids, excrete a wet sticky substance known as honeydew after eating plant leaves. Mold often grows on this substance.

Help for Tree Insects and Disease

Your trees are a valuable property asset. Proactive care ensures you can remedy tree health issues quickly – or prevent them from ever occurring. Regular tree maintenance, including pruning and soil nutrient supplementation, puts your trees in the best possible condition to withstand environmental stressors like pests and diseases. 

Do your trees have pests or health problems? If all signs are pointing to yes, prompt attention is essential. Schedule an arborist assessment for your San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Hayward, or Sacramento property with Arborwell Professional Tree Management today.

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