Drought Protocol

Drought Protocol: How Can You Protect Your Trees?

It is official: California is experiencing a drought, the effects of which will be felt for years to come. A reduction in water use is essential, but what else can you do to support the longevity and health of your trees?

Arborwell’s Recommended Drought Plan

Arborwell is featuring a summer & fall program that will keep your trees as healthy as possible during the drought. Without the proper amount of water, soil dries up and becomes tight and compact, not allowing any water for your tree to absorb. We work to reverse the soil issue and allow your trees to drink in all available water. Arborwell’s program provides the following:

  • Arborwell puts water within your tree’s reach by applying ten gallons per inch of DBH
  • The soil is treated with three different products to allow the water to get to and stay where it is most useful for your tree
  • Additional stress reduction treatments are provided
  • Process is repeated every 30 days

Click here to contact Arborwell’s Tree Wellness Experts today to have the trees on your properties assessed to determine the best course of action to protect them from drought-related damage.

Other Helpful Tree Care Tips During the Drought:

1. Implement Tree Growth Regulators

Tree growth regulators help reallocate energy from shoot growth to root growth – speak with Arborwell’s Tree Wellness Expert to discuss application. Also, using slow-release potassium-rich fertilizers in your landscape helps replenish essential nutrients that trees use to gather, store, and utilizing energy.

2. Use Proper Watering Techniques

Sprinklers provide short, shallow irrigation – this is adequate for your lawn, but does not put water where trees need it most. Tree roots are typically much deeper in the soil than fibrous turf roots, so the lawn ends up utilizing the majority of the water before it is able to reach the tree. In order to properly hydrate your trees, make sure to opt for long, sub-soil injections.

3. Switch From Turf to Mulch


Since turf can rob a tree of water, it may make sense for you to switch to mulch for your landscape. Not only does mulch suppress weeds, but it helps conserve water. Also, mulch adds organic matter to the soil and increases microbiological activity, which nurtures the health of your trees and landscape as a whole.

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