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Looking for tree crown reduction services in Northern California and the Bay Area? You’ve found an ISA certified arborist company who knows the difference between tree topping and tree crown reduction. Often when trees grow too big, posing potential health hazards, property owners simply go in for tree topping to reduce the overall size of the tree. Tree topping, however, may stress the tree, creating even more safety implications. A more appropriate and healthier option is tree crown reduction. It takes an experienced arborist to know which process to select based on the tree and its environment.

Select a professional tree care company like Arborwell Professional Tree Management for your tree crown reduction services.

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We are a professional tree care company serving all areas of Northern California including San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Napa Wine Country, Walnut Creek and Gilroy areas.

In the process of tree crowning, we decrease a managed percentage of the overall height and size of the tree. This is done by removing the ends of branches evenly throughout the tree, leaving a balanced and maintained shape. Tree crown reduction can be done for various reasons such as:

  • reducing the weight on limbs
  • reducing the wind sail
  • making the tree safer and less prone to damage
  • keeping the tree restricted within a limited space to restore your view

Crown reduction procedures can kill or maim a tree if performed improperly. Our Hayward-based ISA certified arborists employ the best tree management practices that maintain the structural integrity and beauty of your trees while taking care of any potential hazards that may exist.

If you require tree crown reduction services in the San Francisco Bay Area, call Arborwell today at 888-969-8733 or use our online tree assessment request form to get in touch.

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