Tree Disease Preventative Maintenance & Treatment

Organic Tree Disease Solutions

Serving all areas of California

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services offers organic tree disease solutions using eco-friendly treatments to resolve tree disease issues. We are committed to preserving tree health in an environmentally safe manner. Our arborist team relies on proven organic treatments to prevent and maintain tree health. Commercial properties all across Northern and Southern California count on us to keep their landscapes healthy and trees disease-free throughout the year.

Our ISA-Certified Arborists have in-depth knowledge and experience with all kinds of California trees including oaks, pines, palms and fruit. Real estate developers, property managers, golf courses, government and school facilities come to us for help with numerous tree diseases including:

We go beyond treatments, offering comprehensive tree wellness plans that will take care of all your arboricultural needs.

Call for organic tree disease treatments in Northern and Southern California.

Prevent Tree Disease with Year-Round Maintenance

Tree disease weakens your ornamental, heritage and fruit trees. A year-round tree maintenance plan from Arborwell will catch the first signs of disease and offer the right solutions in a timely manner. Our proven tree fertilization programs will nurse them back to optimal health.

Our customized tree service typically includes:

  • Regular tree assessments
  • Insect and disease management by our ISA-Certified team of arborists
  • Periodic tree fertilization to ensure they’re getting sufficient nutrients
  • Pruning and thinning services to maintain health and curb appeal
  • Supervision of watering to reduce stress and prevent tree disease

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