San Francisco Bay Area Tree Pest Management

Proven Tree Pest Management Strategies

By ISA-Certified Arborists in the San Francisco Bay Area

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services has the experience and the resources to protect your ornamental, heritage and fruit trees. Our ISA-Certified Arborists are experts at identifying various tree pests and providing the right solution. Golf courses, real estate developers, municipalities, property managers, government and school facilities in California rely on our experienced tree pest management strategies to preserve tree health on their commercial property landscapes.

Professional tree pest management can eliminate the risk of tree loss. There are so many different types of pests that could compromise the health of your precious plants. Aphids, for example, attack rose, tulip, ash and oak trees. They are small, soft-bodied insects about 1/10th of an inch long and found in many colors. They feed in clusters and generally prefer new, succulent shoots or young leaves. The bark beetle, on the other hand affects pines and oaks. Nearly all bark beetles are black or brown, hard-shelled and between 1/8 and 1/3 inches long. Once a tree is infected, it almost never recovers and usually dies rapidly. The best way to protect your trees is to prevent this from happening.

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Comprehensive Tree Pest Management and Wellness

Tree pest management is a continuous process that changes or evolves according to the specific needs of your trees. At Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services, we provide pest treatments and tree care that our customized to your specific requirements. Our qualified and experienced arborists will conduct a detailed tree assessment in order to determine the right approach and a suitable preventative maintenance strategy.

Our tree pest management services include:
  • Tree Pest Prevention: Applications to prevent healthy trees from succumbing to pests and disease
  • Cure Tree Disease: Correctly identifying the tree pest and taking steps to eliminate it
  • Improve Your Trees’ Health: Nursing your infected trees back to health
  • Tree Wellness plans: Offering customized tree wellness plans to enhance vibrancy and disease resistance

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