Arborist Appraisal Orange County

Arborist Appraisals for Orange County Commercial Properties

ISA-Certified Arborist Guidelines for Land Development

From pre-construction recommendations to construction impact and consequent tree protection measures, an arborist appraisal offers valuable guidelines for successful land development. Municipal authorities, HOA managers, and commercial property managers in Orange County consult Arborwell’s professional arborist reports when granting permission for and undertaking redevelopment projects.

Arborwell has a team of ISA-certified arborists whose expertise can help minimize issues including those that impact the structural integrity of your trees and buildings, and consequently, occupants’ safety.

Our expert arborist appraisals provide many important details about your landscape, including:
  • Tree inventory i.e. location, type, health condition and value
  • Onsite conditions
  • Recommendations for correct tree placement
  • Proper tree protection measures
  • Reasons for tree removal, replacement or relocation
  • The nature of work to be undertaken
  • Suggestions for improved tree health and cost-effective tree management

Arborwell’s professional arborist appraisal reports have helped bring many property development plans to fruition. Corporate real estate, business and industrial parks, landscape contractors, construction and development projects, government and municipalities, schools and universities, golf courses, etc. rely on our expertise to determine important next steps in land preparation and landscape management.

Make the right decisions based on expert advice from Arborwell Professional Tree Management.

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Professional Arborist Appraisals Reduce Costly Errors

Get Expert Tree Assessments for Your Commercial Property

Trees that are too close to a building not only impact safety but are also likely to suffer from poor health. A healthy landscape makes for a more attractive property and higher real estate value.

An arborist appraisal by Arborwell will help avoid costly errors. The written technical report prepared by our ISA-Certified arborists analyzes existing vegetation and present conditions of the site while presenting important recommendations for preservation of your landscape.

We can help you determine the value of the trees on your property and provide guidelines for maintaining their good health.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management is an established professional tree care company providing arborist appraisals to all areas of Orange County: Lake Forest, Irvine, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Fullerton, Laguna Beach, La Palma, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, San Clemente and Placentia.

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