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Do you have a tree on your property that has outgrown its desired space? Are you thinking about topping the tree to reduce its size? A better and healthier option is tree crown reduction performed by an ISA certified arborist.

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What is Tree Crown Reduction?

Tree crown reduction is the process of pruning trees in order to decrease the size of the tree’s canopy. Tree crowing reduces some of the overall height and size of the tree by removing the ends of branches evenly throughout the tree, leaving a balanced and maintained shape remaining. All parts of the crown are treated so both the height and side branches are taken into account.

Advantages of Tree Crown Reduction:
  • Results in a more natural appearance to the tree
  • Increases the time before tree pruning is needed again
  • Minimizes stress to the tree due to the deliberate nature of the process
  • Encourages new healthy growth
  • Ensures that new growth follows a natural pattern
  • Gives proper shape back to a tree that has grown out of proportion

Tree crown reduction may be a healthier option to tree topping for many reasons. Incorrectly done, tree crown reduction can kill or disfigure a tree. Our ISA certified arborists employ the best tree management practices that maintain the structural integrity and beauty of your trees.

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