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Powerline, Safety, and Emergency Tree Services

Arborwell Professional Tree Services will determine if tree topping is the right solution for your Orange County tree problem. Improperly performed tree topping actually harms your trees rather than make them grow better. Beware of amateur tree service providers or do-it-yourself landscapers who are under the wrong impression that tree topping will not permanently damage trees. In fact, the practice of tree topping can be very damaging to long term tree health and appearnce. However, it may be necessary under emergency purposes due to storm, accident, or unsafe conditions around the tree.

Arborwell is a professional tree care company with offices throught California that can help determine exactly the proper treatment your trees require. Our ISA certified arborists will also educate you on the hazards of tree topping services. Call us today at to discuss the tree care requirements for your property. Or fill out our Tree Assessment form for a visit from one of our professional ISA certified arborists.

Remember, you don’t need tree topping services! You need a healthier, better tree care service.

We offer a variety of alternatives to tree topping like tree pruning and trimming, tree moving and transplantation services. As a property owner you are probably considering tree topping services for one of these reasons:

  • To reduce the potential for storm damage, or address the results of a storm damaged area
  • To elminate interference with power lines without losing the tree.
  • To adjust and correct a leaning condition of a mature tree

Poorly-informed and unqualified service providers may remove large branches from the top of a tree’s canopy as part of their tree topping services undermining the overall health of the tree. This practice is not good for the health and beauty of your trees. Improper ree topping can cause a number of tree problems like decreased growth, sunscald bark and branches, and increased susceptibility to insect attacks and fungal decay.

The natural beauty and structure of trees is also altered. Topping can create hazards as the new growth is weakly attached to the larger tree limbs. Tree topping is usually just a temporary measure as a topped tree will grow back to its original height and require additional maintenance in the near future.

If you desire professional tree care services, call Arborwell today at or fill out our online tree assessment request form. We an offer suitable alternatives to tree topping services based on your individual circumstances.

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