Owner Highlight – July 2018

As you all may know, Arborwell became Employee Owned this past year.

This means that all of our employees have become part owners! Beginning this month, we will be posting “Owner Highlights”, which will be articles that highlight employee’s that are going above and beyond to provide excellent service to our customers. Without employees like this, we would not be the company we are today. This month we will be highlighting two individuals who have been nominated by regional managers for their hard work and attitude. Below are the reasons that each employee received their nomination, enjoy!

Daniel Bautista

(Daniel is shown above assisting a new climber working in a tree)

Foreman for Arborwell in the Bay Area.

Been with Arborwell for over 3 years

Nominated by account manager Matt Fournier:

     “He has been the residential Foreman for the last year. Arborwell gets so many verbal compliments on our residential pruning now. He has taken it upon himself to encourage and mentor new climbers on his crew and is absolutely steadfast in his discipline regarding his work ethic and responsibility on his job-sites. Our residential crew serves a difficult clientele and It takes nothing to get a residential client dissatisfied, yet Daniel continuously performs large, technical projects for our residential portfolio without accidents or client complaints !! He has also taken Chris Salas, who recently graduated ACT training, and given him the support he needs to step towards becoming a complete climber. The more Foreman we have do things like this the more success our training programs will have.”

Miguel Ramirez

(Miguel is shown above with 2 other Arborwell employees after Aerial Rescue Training)

Foreman for Arborwell in Sacramento

Been with Arborwell for over a year

Nominated by account manager David Vega

“Miguel Ramirez, a Foreman in Sacramento I believe deserves special recognition. He showed great diligence today holding a new job briefing  and having me sign it because my presence and assistance changed the original plan. Also during aerial rescue he wasn’t content to just watch and learn he got involved and started helping new climbers practice throwing the throw ball.  For these reasons I gave him my Knee Ascender and a brand new set of chaps.”





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