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Ensure Plant Wellness in the San Francisco Bay Area

plant wellness

It takes more than regular pruning to ensure plant wellness at your San Francisco Bay Area property. Preventative maintenance is integral for full, beautiful, healthy trees that support the safety and value of your property. With proactive plant health care treatments from Arborwell, you can safeguard your trees against pests and disease, helping them live a longer, healthier life.

Don’t Let Environmental Stress Impact the Health of Your Trees

Each year your trees undergo environmental stress from drought, temperature extremes, and other factors. Following severe events, they require a full year of favorable growing conditions to return to homeostasis. With an impaired defense system, it is more difficult for your trees to guard against insects and disease. Fortunately, with proper care, you can restore your trees to robust health.

Support Tree Health with Preventative Care

In addition to pruning and maintenance, our plant health care experts offer a variety of affordable services to restore and support the health of your trees:  

  • Pest and disease treatment and prevention
    Our knowledgeable, experienced arborists can quickly identify and address common insect and disease issues. With the latest industry insight and technology, we can protect your plants from further damage, prevent the spread of pests and disease, and restore your greenery to health.
  • Plant nutrient management  

Meeting the nutritional needs of your trees with proper watering and plant nutrient management ensures your trees are healthy and strong, increasing their capacity to manage daily stressors from climate, pests, and disease. Our skilled arborists can identify nutrient deficiencies, protecting the health of your plants with precise application of missing nutrients, including mulch, compost, and organic soil amendments.   

  • Management of safety and liability issues
    We can help you proactively control issues that lead to tenant and resident complaints. Our experienced crew is quick to spot problems, improving views, and trimming trees to clear blocked pathways and electrical lines without damaging or harming your trees.

Licensed, Professional Tree Care Services


Our ISA certified arborists have a high level of knowledge, including years of education, training, and experience. You can count on the Arborwell team to care for your trees properly, avoiding problems commonly encountered with inexperienced, unprofessional contractors. We are devoted to preserving the value and health of your trees, providing your commercial property, retail center, or housing development with top-notch service, including a thorough cleanup so that you can ensure safety and a positive first impression. 

Prevention is always better than a cure. Ensure plant wellness at your Hayward, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Burlingame, or Palo Alto property with the help of Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Schedule a complimentary tree assessment from one of our certified arborists today.

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