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When choosing a professional tree company in Sacramento, you need comprehensive services that go beyond simple pruning. At Arborwell, our services transcend basic tree maintenance, including customized, proactive plans to support the long-term health, safety, and value of your landscape. With the goal of forming a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you, our ISA certified experts work hard to ensure that, like your trees, we will grow stronger together with time.

Arborwell Provides an Expansive Variety of Tree Care Services

Our professional arborists offer a broad scope of services for your housing development, commercial property, industrial park, or retail establishment:

  • Customized tree management
    From routine trimming to nutrient provision and pest and disease management, we have the knowledge and experience to help you maintain the long-term health and beauty of your landscape. Taking a holistic approach to care, our tree management experts will work with you to develop a strategic, comprehensive plan that meets your business goals and plant healthcare needs.
  • Long-term, proactive maintenance
    We offer unique, multi-year proactive tree wellness plans. Each plan is highly-customized, identifying immediate needs and assessing long-term goals to help you manage your budget and guard against future damage and liability. These strategies encourage a preventative approach to plant health care, so you can reduce costly and unexpected crisis calls later.
  • Pest and disease remediation
    Guarding your greenery against pests and disease requires more than regular pruning. Proper nutrient levels are crucial to supporting the vitality of trees and defending against environmental stressors. When vegetation does suffer at the hands of pests or diseases, our team’s cutting edge knowledge and tools ensure the rapid identification and treatment of problems. 
  • Tree removal and replacement
    When tree removal is warranted, the Arborwell staff can help you safely remove and replace trees in accordance with area laws, using the latest equipment for a safe, efficient, economical removal. When we replace a tree, we choose the proper species for the environment, ensuring a long, healthy life with long-term care recommendations.
  • Tree consulting services and arborist reports
    Our registered consulting and ISA certified arborists offer complete evaluations and official arborist reports, providing a detailed analysis on site conditions, species, lifespan, and recommendations for long-term care.
  • Advanced tree mapping technology
    Save time and money. Our Arborview mapping and management technology helps you quickly identify tree species and location for the rapid management of tenant/resident issues with no need for an on-site visit, receiving real-time updates and tree care feedback.

Do your grounds need attention? Our professional tree company will keep your Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Fairfield, Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, Folsom, or Citrus Heights property well-managed and beautiful. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management at , or schedule a consultation with one of our ISA certified arborists today.

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