Large Tree Care in Sacramento


Large trees are a prominent feature in many areas of Sacramento, particularly in the city’s bustling urban areas and beloved parks. Crucial to upholding the ambiance in these locations, they require proper attention to guard against climate extremes, pests, and diseases. While it’s easy to assume your large trees require the same care as smaller shrubbery and plants to manage these issues, this is not the case. Mature landscape trees require a higher level of care.

Mature Trees Have Specific Needs

Proper large tree care in Sacramento is critical to safeguarding the health and beauty of your trees. You need a thorough understanding of tree biology when pruning and fertilizing to keep mature trees looking lovely for years to come and to protect nearby people and property from injury or damage.

Caring for Large Trees

The knowledgeable staff at Arborwell Professional Tree Management can help you address the unique needs of your large trees, providing a range of services including:

tree care
  • Soil management
    Large trees require careful soil management for their extensive root system. Our knowledgeable arborists can check the health of your trees and the quality of your soil, providing a wellness plan to restore them to health and vibrancy.
  • Tree trimming
    You can rest assured our trained tree care professionals will get the job done without over-pruning and threatening the health of your trees. We can safely trim trees surrounding power lines, manage sidewalks heaved by tree roots or littered with fruit and leaves, or shape trees to better withstand storms with minimal damage, and more without putting your trees at risk.
  • Pest and disease control.
    Our staff are skilled in identifying and addressing common area pests and diseases and can save your valuable trees from insects and other pests, fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Emergency care
    When severe weather or accidents strike, our trained staff can quickly and safely clear your property of large trees and fallen branches using the latest equipment. We can also manage trees that pose a danger to surrounding property and people, quickly eliminating hazards with minimal disruption.

Certified Tree Care Experts

More than your average gardeners, the ISA certified arborists at Arborwell are the best choice for safeguarding the health and value of your large trees. Our professionally recognized arborists have years of education, training, and experience in tree care. We know how to manage trees in the Sacramento climate and can help the trees on your commercial property or residential community thrive. We pride ourselves in delivering the best tree care possible, from routine trimming and maintenance to drought management, and pest and disease mitigation.

Large tree care in Sacramento is not for the novice. Protect your trees and ensure lasting health with the expert services of Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Contact us at to set an appointment or speak to one of our local arborists today.

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