Sacramento Area Tree Warranty

Tree Warranty for Storm Protection

Professional Care by ISA-Certified Arborists

Tree insurance from Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services minimizes your risk and expenses. Our tree warranty provides professional before and after storm care by our Sacramento ISA-Certified arborists. You can count on good tree health throughout the year with our professional care standards.

Our tree protection services are specially designed for golf courses, real estate developers, municipalities, property managers, and government and school facilities in California. Having a tree warranty can save California commercial properties the cost and stress of storm restoration. Cleaning up tree debris, removing hazardous trees and caring for damaged plants can be a nightmare in terms of the expense and effort involved.

While remedial expenses are huge, getting timely professional help can also be a challenge because of the sheer volume of damaged sites in need of restoration services after a storm. If your trees aren’t healthy because they weren’t receiving managed care earlier, you face an even bigger challenge.

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Comprehensive Before-and After Tree Insurance

Trees that haven’t had the right nutrition or care succumb more easily to high winds and rain. After treatments may not always deliver the results you’re looking for. We protect and preserve your trees and property from the start. treeShield® is a comprehensive, limited tree warranty offered by Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services. This tree insurance enables commercial properties to have professional tree care both before and after a storm.

How does our tree insurance work?

  • An ISA-Certified arborist will inspect large trees in the Managed Area of your property
  • The arborist report will document the type, size, location, general health and replacement cost of the inspected trees and submit it to Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI) for review and approval
  • Once you are approved for treeShield® you will be entitled to
    • Annual and post-storm tree inspections
    • Tree care before and after the storm
    • Clean-up and removal of fallen trees and tree debris
    • Removal of hazardous trees and limbs
    • Restorative services such as pruning and cabling

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