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Accurate soil analysis and nutrient management promotes tree health

Compete Tree and Soil Health Analysis in the Sacramento Area

Nutrient management is critical to the overall health of trees, plants, and grasses. Too much or too little tree fertilization

  • Affects soil quality
  • Reduces root absorption capabilities
  • Lowers resistance to pests and disease
  • Stunts growth
  • Shortens tree life
  • Harms the environment

Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s ISA certified arborists conduct expert soil analysis and tree assessments to determine the exact tree fertilization program your trees and plants require. Professional training, hands-on experience and extensive study has taught us that every tree has very specific requirements because of differences in growing conditions. Your trees’ nutrient management is therefore dependent on soil quality and climate. It’s not an off-the-shelf or a one-size-fits-all treatment.

We provide efficient tree management services and Wellness Tree Health Protection Plans for residential and commercial establishments in Northern California. Accuracy and meticulousness are the hallmarks of our soil analysis procedures and nutrient management programs.

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Why choose Arborwell for soil analysis and nutrient management?
  • Accurate soil testing/analysis and precise tree fertilization treatments: The effectiveness of your nutrient management program is linked to the accuracy of your soil analysis. An experienced tree management service like Arborwell has proven soil testing methods ensuring precise results. Accurate findings and our extensive experience allow us to structure a well-defined and successful tree fertilization program.
  • Certified and experience arborists: California oaks, palms, and other heritage and ornamental trees require expert tree care. Experimental treatments will harm your expensive investments and mar the overall look of your property. Arborwell’s certified arborists are qualified and experienced to deliver the best results. We provide effective nutrient management plans that enhance tree growth and encourage longevity.
  • Complete Tree Wellness service: Whether it’s your trees, plants or lawns, customized treatments will deliver satisfying results. Arborwell takes the time to analyze your requirements in order to suggest effective remedies. Exact amounts of the right nutrients based your needs promotes vibrancy and reduces susceptibility to weather, pests and disease. Our Diamond Certification (by ARC) is proof of our superior tree services.

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