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Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s ISA-certified arborists will solve your soil drainage issues quickly and efficiently. Our extensive knowledge of soil drainage and the specific requirements of various California trees guarantee satisfying results. Our tree health services also include effective tree fertilization and soil amendment treatments to remedy any problems caused by excessive moisture.

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Soil drainage and tree health are synonymous. One affects the other, and inadequate soil drainage will ultimately result in poor tree health. If you want to prevent tree rot and disease you must ensure proper drainage grading around all your plants and trees.

How poor soil drainage affects tree health
  • Prevents air, moisture and nutrients from reaching tree roots
  • Causes soil erosion
  • Results in yellowing of leaves, weakening of tree limbs and stunted growth
  • Can lead to early death of trees
What soil drainage remedies do Arborwell tree health services offer?
  • Detailed tree and soil assessment: We perform a detailed tree assessment and soil percolation (drainage rates) tests to determine the extent of your soil drainage problem.
  • Expert drainage grading solutions: Every California species has different drainage grading requirements. Our experienced arborists use their expertise to identify and install the most effective drainage measures. We also add extra run off areas if necessary.
  • Complete tree management service: We offer year-round tree health management services. From planting to maintenance, replacement and transplanting we cover all your needs. Our proficient soil drainage systems and tree health treatments improve vibrancy and extend tree life.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management services give your commercial property a well-dressed appearance in all kinds of weather.

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