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Expert Tree and Brush Removal for San Diego Area

Prevent Fire and Predators from Destroying Your Commercial Property

There are numerous reasons that make tree and brush removal absolutely necessary for San Diego properties.

  • It helps maintain a neat and clean appearance
  • Creates a defensible space (firescaping) to prevent fire from spreading to nearby structures
  • Improves visibility of your property, preventing unwanted intruders
  • Reduces disease and infection improving the overall health and growth of your trees and plants

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services offers experienced tree and brush removal services for San Diego commercial properties. We only deploy San Diego ISA-Certified arborists who are trained and qualified to perform the job. You won’t have to worry about damage to surrounding plants and trees. We respect your premises and take care to clean up the mess before we leave. You can also rely on us for customized tree wellness plans and tree trimming services to enhance the look and value of your property.

Our proven tree care services are the first choice of HOAs, real estate developers, municipalities, schools, golf courses, business and industrial parks in and around San Diego.

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Tree and Brush Removal in San Diego – Begin with An Expert Assessment

All Arborwell employees are required to learn and practice very high standards of tree care. This includes the skills and training required for expert tree and brush removal in San Diego. We begin with a careful assessment of the job and devise a plan to get it done efficiently with minimum disruption to your routine. We use top of the line equipment to perform a quality job.

  • Appropriate tools and heavy equipment is used to clear trees and brush on a large scale
  • Advanced grinders reduce dense areas, cut trees, branches and twigs into wood chips
  • Stumps are sprayed to prevent re-sprouting or if required, they are removed for tree stump grinding
  • Healthy plants are transplanted quickly and efficiently to their new home to minimize stress and damage to the roots
  • The area is cleared of all weeds, needles and debris

Arborwell’s experienced team of arborists serves a wide variety of clients, including many of California’s largest commercial and property management companies.

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