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Unchecked tree disease can have a devastating effect on your plants. Oak Worms, Pitch Canker, Anthracnose Disease, Armillaria Root Rot, Bark Beetle, etc. not only compromise the health of the infected tree but can also spread to neighboring flora and fauna causing significant damage.

Some common signs of tree disease are:
  • Yellowing or brown leaves in the summer
  • Mold or fungus on the branches and bark
  • Stunted growth
  • Dying upper branches
  • Cuts or holes in the tree bark

Arborwell Professional Tree Management offers expert tree treatments to nurse your trees back to good health. Our Sacramento ISA-Certified arborists have extensive experience caring for all California tree species. With individualized tree care you will soon see visible results and secure the long term health of your trees. We are dedicated to preserving tree life whenever possible.

HOAs, real estate developers, municipalities, schools, golf courses, business and industrial parks rely on our tree management expertise for quick response and expert advice.

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Professional Tree Disease Management

Proper diagnosis of tree disease is crucial to assigning effective treatments. Inexperienced or trial-and-error based solutions can do more harm possibly resulting in unnecessary tree loss.

The scientific approach, time-tested treatments and individualized care provided by Arborwell’s arborists will save and preserve your trees. Here’s how:
  • We apply our knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough tree analysis getting to the root of the problem
  • Organic treatments to effectively treat the disease
  • Customized fertilizers prevents reoccurrence
  • Proper watering techniques are identified for long term health
  • Periodic tree inspections keep a check on progress and tree health
  • Regular tree maintenance nurses your trees back to being strong and healthy

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services offers expert tree disease services and tailored tree wellness plans to keep your trees strong and vibrant throughout the year. We believe that a preventative plan of action is the best way to ensure continual tree health.

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