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Trust Arborwell Tree Management Services for your commercial tree pruning and tree trimming needs. Our ISA certified arborists, located at our office in Rancho Cordova, understand the best way to achieve the short term appearance results of your trees, as well as protect their long term health

Tree Pruning for Aesthetics, Safety or Health

The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include aesthetics, safety, and health. Enhancing the look, or aesthetics, of your trees can give your property greater curb appeal and a more natural balance of trees with buildings, land shape, and other natural and man made features on your commercial and estate properties. Proper tree pruning can enhance flower and fruit production, as well as ensure a tree shape that may be easier to maintain over time.

Prune Trees for Safety Reasons

Pruning for safety purposes may be required after storms, accidents, or for the removal of unhealthy portions of your tree that threatens buildings, electrical services, or public access. Proper pruning is required to protect the property itself as well as ensure overall tree safety and health afterwards. Arborwell’s emergency tree services can be contacted 24/7, with the latest and largest equipment ready to address any tree safety emergency.

Prune and Trim for Long-Term Tree Health

Pruning for long term tree health involves the removal of diseased or insect-infested wood, thinning the crown of the tree to increase airflow, removal of pests in the trees, and removing crossing and rubbing branches which may weaken and fall. Proper pruning techniques are used to shape trees to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Properly removing broken and damaged limbs and branches encourages tree wound closure, preventing opportunities for disease and insect access.

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