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Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services offers skilled tree thinning services for commercial properties in Northern and Southern California. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the knowledge, training and experience to prevent damage to your trees.

Property managers, golf courses and real estate developers rely on our experienced tree thinning services to maintain a healthy, well-groomed landscape. We also help orchard owners enhance their yield with skillful thinning and pruning of fruit trees.

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Safe and Effective Tree Thinning Process

An over-crowded landscape may stifle tree growth and lead to early demise of sensitive species. Tree thinning improves the plant’s access to sunlight, air and essential nutrients in the soil.

Arborwell’s experienced arborists are trained in the right tree thinning techniques to ensure the safety and good health of your trees.

  • We perform proper aeration for space around the trees, soil and grass to promote healthy, full growth of trees and limbs.
  • Our extensive knowledge of tree architecture eliminates the risk of trimming branches and stems that are important to the structure.
  • Having the right tools allows us to make clean cuts without exposing the tree to sun and insect damage or disease.
  • Cutting at the correct angle prevents the unsightly “bushy” look at the end of branches or stems and avoids unnecessary breakage.
  • To avoid tree stress, we perform tree thinning or pruning over a period of time rather than all at once.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services will conduct a detailed tree assessment to determine how much tree thinning is required. As an ARC Diamond Certified Arborist you can always rely on us to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

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