Dangerous Tree Removal in the Seattle Area

Dangerous Tree Removal

Tree Care Service Areas in Seattle

Tree removal is hazardous work, requiring a thorough knowledge of physics, tree biology, dangerous tools, and proper techniques. In emergency situations, such as after a storm or damage from a vehicle, it can be especially precarious. Thousands of injuries occur from tree care and removal annually, making it unwise to put the dangerous task of emergency tree removal in the hands of inexperienced tree companies. If your Seattle area business is in need of dangerous tree removal, trust only a professional arborist to determine the safest way to take out your tree.

Efficient Management of Dangerous Tree Removal Situations

Our arborists have the knowledge and experience to quickly deal with tree-related emergencies, performing a thorough risk assessment, and removing dangerous trees that are:

  • Decaying and unstable
  • Partially uprooted
  • Struck by lightning
  • Lodged in power lines
  • Lying on roofs or automobiles
  • Blocking driveways and roadways
  • Located close to roads, buildings, utility lines, or people
  • Covered in poisonous insects or plants

Safe, Experienced Dangerous Tree Removal Services

Our skilled tree removal team can manage even the most extreme circumstances, arriving on-site with the necessary safety gear and tools to ensure the successful, safe removal of your tree. We know that planning is crucial to avoid dangerous situations. Our team has the training to mitigate risks, performing key preparatory tasks including gaining permits and submitting an arborist report, cordoning off affected areas and de-energizing/grounding nearby power lines before removal begins. We plan each step thoroughly, from well-angled notch cuts to using guide ropes to direct the tree to fall safely. Our goal is to cause as little disruption to your landscape as possible, leaving behind no evidence of our work.

Dangerous tree removal is not for amateurs. Trust the safety of your Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Edmonds, or Bothell business grounds only to experienced professionals. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management at to schedule fast, safe emergency tree removal services today.

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