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Emergency Tree Removal for Seattle Commercial Clients

Tree Care Service Areas in Seattle

Emergency tree removal in Seattle can be traumatic for property owners who spend time and money caring for their trees.

When nature or humans cause damage to our clients’ trees on commercial or public land, Arborwell professionals swiftly and efficiently address the safety issue with proper tree removal.

Arborwell crews always include arborists trained and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We utilize specialized equipment such as whole tree chippers, 50-foot cranes, and 60-foot aerial lifts, and always follow local laws and permitting procedures.

We offer emergency tree removal in Seattle, 24 hours a day. Prompt response is essential when trees are a danger to the public. In cases when a tree is dead, dying, extensively damaged, or appears that it may topple at any minute, we’ll be on hand quickly.

In cases when the decision to remove a dangerous tree is complicated, Arborwell arborists evaluate the value of tree removal for our Seattle clients by using these criteria:

  • Is the tree going to die? In some cases, a damaged tree that may look otherwise healthy and strong should be cut down. Broken branches or extensive damage caused by a storm can open a tree to parasites and infection. When this happens, chances of saving the tree are slim and removing the tree may be the best choice.
  • Can removal help the environment? Non-native trees sometimes struggle to stay healthy. Planting a more desirable species may be an aesthetic improvement and better for the environment.
  • Does the tree threaten structures? The roots of even a young tree can damage underground pipes or foundations. When planted near homes, roadways, sidewalks, or buildings, trees can cause damage. In cases when extensive trimming is required to prevent branches from interfering with power lines, removal may be necessary.

If a tree has already fallen, Arborwell quickly removes the tree from your property, as well as from your neighbors’ property and nearby streets and sidewalks. We also offer grinding services to eliminate unsightly stumps.

We Also Provide Comprehensive Tree Management

Arborwell is committed to keeping Seattle’s tree canopy healthy. After we’ve removed a tree on your property, consider planting a new one – or several – to replace it.

Arborwell’s expertise includes selection, location, and planting services that give young trees the best chance to thrive. Our customized tree management programs for Seattle commercial clients involve fertilizing, trimming, and ongoing evaluations to keep your trees vibrant for years, at a budget you can afford.

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Arborwell offers a range of services aimed at keeping trees healthy in Seattle. Emergency tree removal is an unfortunate last resort for our clients when issues of space, structural integrity, safety, or development arise.

Talk to an Arborwell representative about professional care for the trees on your property, or when you need to remove a dangerous tree right away. Call today.

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