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Tree Pruning

Clients request that their trees be pruned for many reasons;more light to their garden, house clearance, prune for safety – maintain structural integrity, fruit production, accentuate appearance and oh yeah…views. Our clients’ needs are then balanced with the overall health of the tree, never do we prune a tree for the sake of pruning.

Many people, including some tree care professionals, believe that pruning is an art form that takes a well trained eye. Pruning can be an art,but should be based predominately on the science of how trees grow and respond to pruning or tree biology.

“Shaping” a tree to look a certain way may be done artfully but often at the expense of the health of a tree. Shaping usually means tipping or cutting back the canopy to give the tree a look that is in contrast to its natural shape & size. More often than not pruning a tree in such a way promotes vigorous new growth often defeating the clients reasons for pruning the tree in such a manner.

Most people have come to understand that topping is without a doubt an unacceptable pruning practice. Many also understand that using climbing spurs when pruning is a no-no.

What many people fail to realize is that, even when performed technically correct, over-pruning will have a severely detrimental effect on the health of a tree.

Our approach at Arborwell Tree Management Services is to combine an in-depth knowledge of tree biology with an eye for aesthetics to achieve the end goal while maintaining the vitality of an individual tree.

Tree Cabling / Bracing

Trees with structural defects and/or weak branch attachments do not always need to be removed. In many cases, a tree’s life may be extended indefinitely with the appropriate combination of proper pruning, cabling, and bracing.

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