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Tree Transplantation/Moving Services

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Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s arborist services offer you the most professional services for tree transplanting and moving. Call us today at or get in touch online to discuss your tree transplantation needs.

We serve all areas of California, including Palo Alto, Central Valley California, Calistoga, Petaluma and Roseville.

Often tree transplantation is needed to move trees from nurseries or from sites where they are already growing in a landscape. Better transplanting success is usually achieved with the nursery-grown trees. But with proper care that prevents root damage and transplant shock, trees can be moved successfully from one landscape to another to preserve an expensive and beautiful investment.

When transplanting trees or shrubs from one location to another, digging the plant in preparation for moving it is the most challenging part of the job.
For small plants like ornamental shrubs, digging can be done with an ordinary garden spade. If done right, the work is not difficult and the chances of success are very good.

In the case of ornamental trees and large trees, the weight of a large root ball, and the weight of the tree itself, contributes significantly to the effort required to dig and move the plant. Special considerations are therefore necessary when moving large trees.

Why Choose Arborwell?

  • We use speciality equipment like winches, tree spades, and cranes
  • We take care to ensure that the root system is preserved for transplantation success
  • Moving trees with trunks over about 10cm (4”) in diameter requires heavy equipment and specialized expertise. Our experienced technicians ensure the trees are moved without any damage
  • While transporting trees to the new site we make sure they clear power lines, bridges, and any other obstacles on the way and work with the city or other governing body as necessary
  • We offer complete Tree Wellness Plans for long after the tree is successfully transplanted

If you require tree transplantation and moving services as part of your site development project, call Arborwell today at . You can also request an estimate using our online tree assessment form for your tree transplantation and moving needs.

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