A Full-Service Tree Contractor for Burlingame, the “Tree City”

Arborwell Professional Tree Management is the ideal contractor for Burlingame, known as “The City of Trees.”

Burlingame has earned that title because its citizens have long prized and preserved the city’s trees. Burlingame’s board of trustees passed an ordinance in 1908 that strictly regulated cutting or destroying trees. Subsequent laws sought to further protect the city’s diverse and substantial tree population, setting Burlingame apart from other Bay Area cities.

Today, the 140-year-old eucalyptus trees that line El Camino Real are a cherished symbol of Burlingame. With a comprehensive list of tree management solutions for all kinds of commercial and private entities, Arborwell plays a major role in preserving Burlingame’s trees.

With a phone call to Arborwell, you can rest assured that the trees on your property, regardless of size or type, are properly maintained for years to come. Our ISA-certified arborists have the expertise to evaluate the condition of any type of tree and prescribe a program of affordable maintenance.

In addition to Burlingame, Arborwell Professional Tree Management serves Bay Area clients in Palo Alto, San Mateo, Atherton, South San Francisco, and Redwood City.

Services We Offer Our Burlingame Clients

Arborwell offers an array of services to our Burlingame commercial clients, including:

  • Long-term care. Effective and affordable, Arborwell’s program of routine, year-round tree care solves small problems before they become big ones. Our certified arborists proactively examine trees for signs of disease and control potential problems including insects, too much or too little moisture, toxic soil, and bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. We offer economical long-term plans that cover tree maintenance over several years. 
  • Pruning and shaping. Trimming branches is one of Arborwell’s signature services. Many people don’t realize the importance of skilled pruning. Dead branches can spread disease to the rest of the tree, are a safety hazard, and should be promptly removed. Thinning and shaping improves the appearance of a tree and facilitates strong, stable growth. Often it’s necessary to trim branches away from power lines or nearby buildings.
  • Instead of cutting down a tree, growing in an inopportune spot, removing, and replanting it is often a viable and cost-effective alternative. Our crews will identify a new location that offers the best chance for survival. We then prepare the soil, carefully dig up the tree while protecting its roots, and move it to the new site. Bracing the tree once it is back in the ground is often necessary. A program of fertilization and watering greatly improves the chances of the tree’s survival.
  • Environmental awareness. Every service we provide takes an earth-friendly approach. One example is the way we handle the biomass we produce when working on trees. Clean-burning wood chips are recycled as fuel for local power plants that generate energy for California homes and businesses. Rather than being burned in the open air, recycling tree biomass in this manner reduces carbon emissions and helps clean the air.

Contribute to a treasured part of the city’s heritage by caring for the trees on your property. Learn more about Arborwell’s tree services for Burlingame – call today.

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