Comprehensive Tree Services for Hayward

Pollution and climate change causes stress on California’s trees. Fortunately, knowledgeable arborists and today’s technology can prevent or even reverse much of the damage.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management is at the forefront of tree care in the 21st century. We’re dedicated to keeping Hayward’s trees healthy. Our expertise and top-of-the-line equipment enables us to offer effective solutions for virtually every problem that your trees may encounter.

The ISA-certified arborists employed by Arborwell in Hayward and other California cities are very familiar with the challenges that businesses and public entities face in managing trees.

We offer a variety of services to take the worry out of tree maintenance for estate and property managers, HOAs, and other commercial clients. Our experts provide professional evaluations on the condition of your trees and, if necessary, recommend appropriate, effective action to restore or sustain the health of your trees.

Best of all, our prices fit a range of budgets.

Arborwell’s commitment to trees is rooted in a sincere concern for the environmental health of our planet. Trees play an important ecological role – producing oxygen, moderating the climate, cleaning the air, serving wildlife, and adding to the beauty of California and the quality of life for everyone living here.

The state needs strong, healthy trees, and Hayward’s trees need Arborwell.

Arborwell’s Tree Services for Hayward Clients

Arborwell Professional Tree Management is a full-service, fully accredited company. We offer every type of tree service our Hayward commercial clients need, including:

  • Our arborists will conduct a thorough assessment of the trees on your property. We inventory the entire population, appraise their monetary value, and even provide aerial images of your property’s trees. We also document the condition of each tree, examine for diseases, and make suggestions for treatment. In addition, we evaluate potential hazards to your employees, tenants, or customers. 
  • Management and maintenance. Arborwell provides comprehensive maintenance plans for the long-term health of your trees. We perform routine pruning and trimming to promote overall growth and remove dangerous or dead branches. Sickly trees are fertilized and watered. Our tree wellness program extends expert care for the shrubs and plants on your property, too.
  • Transplanting and removal. Moving a tree can be complex. We ensure your trees have the best chance of surviving a transplant by protecting the roots, preparing the soil at the new location, bracing the tree, and overseeing watering and fertilization after replanting. When circumstances require the removal of a tree, we cut it down safely and perform a thorough cleanup.

Arborwell’s earth-friendly approach includes a biomass-recycling program. We deliver huge amounts of clean-burning wood chips that fuel the state’s power grid.

Help the planet and keep your trees in great shape – schedule a professional tree consultation today.

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