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Specialized Tree Services for All of Orange County

la and ventura county tree serviceKeeping Orange County’s diverse collection of trees strong and healthy requires the attention of the certified specialists at Arborwell Professional Tree Management.

Orange County’s trees face multiple challenges. California’s recent drought greatly weakened the trees throughout the region. The lingering effects of scarce rainfall was damaging to native species such as live oak, sycamore, willow, flowering ash, and big leaf maple. It was equally devastating to non-native trees such as eucalyptus.

Imported decades ago as the county’s population grew, non-native trees are particularly susceptible to infestations. The shot hole borer beetle is currently devastating large swaths of vulnerable trees throughout Orange County.

Pollution generated by the county’s sizable urban areas also stresses local trees.

Arborwell Provides These Tree Services for Orange County Property Owners and Managers

Arborwell professionals are trained through the International Society of Arboriculture, giving them the skills to assess a tree’s condition and pursue effective plans for long-term management.

Here are some of the tree services we offer Orange County commercial clients, including HOAs, retail centers, estate and apartment complex owners, golf courses and public entities:

  • Our comprehensive Tree Wellness program, which includes the regular application of nutrients to provide a strong foundation for young trees to grow vigorously and for sick trees to regain robust health.
  • Pruning and trimming. Cutting back dead branches improves the appearance of a tree and promotes proper weight distribution as it grows. Periodic pruning of trees also reduces the likelihood of broken or dead branches falling and injuring someone.
  • Emergency response. When your trees are damaged by weather events or are struck by a vehicle, they should be assessed promptly. Our arborists are always available to examine a tree and make recommendations if it poses a hazard.
  • For sick or damaged trees, Arborwell takes measures such as enhancing soil, cabling, and deep-root watering and fertilizing to restore them to health. The trees we transplant to new locations have high survival rates.
  • When removing a tree is the best option, our crews take steps to complete the work safely and with minimal disruption. We use aerial lifts, whole-tree chippers and 50-foot cranes to remove the entire tree along with the stump and roots. 

Why Healthy Trees Are So Important

Trees are a critically important part of our ecosystem. Healthy trees generate oxygen and reduce air pollution, a problem in freeway-crossed Orange County. A verdant canopy cools urban areas and reduces the effects of our warm climate.

Healthy trees also guard against the hazards of wildfires that occur in Orange County. Tree specialists such as Arborwell reduce the number of dead or dying trees, which are the tinder for widespread fires that claim lives and destroy neighborhoods.

Put the expertise of a certified arborist to work for you and your trees. Call today to schedule a consultation with Arborwell Professional Tree Management.

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