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Our San Diego Tree Services Feature Certified Arborists

golf0017optTrees command our attention. Their size and majesty requires the special care of professionals who know what it takes to keep trees of all types healthy and strong, season after season.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management provides every service you need to maintain the trees on your property. We employ a team of experienced ISA-certified arborists whose expertise is matched by a firm commitment to our San Diego clients.

Arborwell understands the beautiful trees that dominate your landscape are a positive reflection of your enterprise, a valuable asset that should be protected. Well-maintained trees are also good for the earth, cleaning the air, reducing noise and helping to conserve energy.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management has the skill and cutting-edge equipment to offer fast, effective solutions to issues that affect your trees. We can quickly diagnosis and treat sick trees, and when emergencies such as damaging storms occur, we’re available 24/7.

As longtime providers of tree services for San Diego commercial clients, estate managers, HOAs and apartment complexes, Arborwell is proud to serve the city many historians believe is where the first settlements in California were founded.

San Diego has close ties to the U.S. Navy and a world-renowned zoo. A mild climate makes the city a year-around draw for tourists. Due to institutions such as the University of California at San Diego, biotechnology research has blossomed in recent years. More than 400 biotech companies are located in San Diego.

In the metro area, Arborwell serves the areas of Temecula, Escondido, Vista, Rancho Bernardo, and Solana Beach.

A List of Arborwell’s Tree Services in San Diego

Arborwell aims to give you industry-best tree care service at all times. Our San Diego tree services include:

  • Pruning and maintenance. Periodic trimming removes dead, diseased, or broken branches. Skillful pruning, which varies according to species, strengthens the tree and promotes overall growth.
  • Comprehensive plant health care. In addition to caring for trees, Arborwell offers a program that assesses the health of shrubs and plants on your property. Based on the assessment, we make recommendations for watering, fertilizing and general maintenance.
  • Preservation, transplanting, removal, replacement. Restoring sick trees back to robust health requires special measures, such as precision watering and excavating of roots, soil enhancement, and cabling. Removal is performed safely and thoroughly, and only after careful analysis of the tree’s condition. 
  • Expert consultations. Our arborists are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture. Consultations by these experts include appraisals of the value of your trees, inspections to determine if your trees are diseased, and assessments of hazards to both your trees and people. Modern technology enables Arborwell to also map the trees on your property and provide aerial images.

To schedule an Arborwell Professional Tree Management consultation on your San Diego property, or to ask a few questions, call or click here.

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