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Brush Clearing and Removal Services

Serving all areas of California

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Services provides skilled brush clearing and removal services across Northern and Southern California. Our extensive experience with landscape clearing and the cutting-edge equipment we use helps us get the job done in an efficient, safe and timely manner.

Commercial property managers and golf courses rely on us to keep their landscape brush free. California real estate developers also depend on our specialized brush clearing services to prepare land for construction.

Brush clearing and removal from around your trees will ensure they have the necessary room to grow as well as proper access to nutrients. However, cleaning overgrown plants, bushes and vines requires proper equipment, experience and knowledge of safe practices.

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Why Do You Need an Experienced Brush Clearing and Removal Service?

  • Overgrown brush needs to cleared for fire prevention – it’s a safety issue, so don’t neglect it
  • Animal nesting in brush can lead to other problems, including pest breeding, insect damage, termites and tick infestation
  • Brush can sometimes get so dense that you need special equipment and skill to remove it
  • Brush clearing involves removal of overgrown plants and shrubs from the root which can be difficult to access
  • Nettles, vines and thorns make brush clearing very dangerous; that’s why it requires protective gear and experience
  • Some plants may be poisonous (like poison ivy) and can be properly identified only by experienced landscapers
  • The area around the tree root (especially oak trees) is very vulnerable. Professional brush clearing and removal services will take the necessary steps to prevent any kind of damage
  • Brush clearing sometimes involves clearing tree stumps to get to the overgrown foliage roots and this requires tree removal experience

Arborwell Tree Management Services provides efficient brush clearing and removal services. As an ARC Diamond Certified arborist we are committed to preserving and protecting trees. You won’t have to worry about damage to your beautiful oaks, palms and other California trees during the brush clearing process. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that fire safety and animal nesting prevention is taken care of for your California property.

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