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Do you have trees on your property that you wish to have removed? Have you recently bought property that you want to develop? Worried about potential damage that tree removal can do to your lawn and gardens during the removal process?

As a professional tree removal service, we can help evaluate your situation and determine the best plan of action. Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s arborist services offer you the best professional services for safe removal of unwanted trees on your property.

Call us today at to discuss your tree removal needs. We serve all areas of San Diego, Temecula, Oakland, San Francisco, Napa and Sacramento in Northern California.

Trees are often removed as a result of disease or for safety reasons. Commercial property and estate owners require tree removal services for their landscaping needs. In new development projects, a tree could be in the way of a planned activity, such as building homes and commercial buildings, installing gardens, or creating a sports facility. In such cases, tree removal does not have to mean tree death; the tree can simply be transplanted to another area.

To minimize transplant shock, proper care must be taken before removal and post-transplant. At Arborwell Professional Tree Management, we ensure that your trees are well prepared so as to ensure transplantation success. Proper care is taken while moving the tree to its new site to prevent root damage. In case, there is a time lag between tree removal and tree transplantation, proper storage of the removed tree is done to prevent root death. Arborwell’s Tree Wellness Programs ensure that the trees remain healthy and disease-free. Stump grinding services are also available.

If you require tree removal services call Arborwell today at . Or fill out our online tree assessment form and get the ISA trained arborists at Arborwell Professional Tree Management to have your property inspected for a fair estimate on your tree removal needs.

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