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Urban Forestry Services

Serving all California cities – from Ukiah to San Francisco, Oakland to San Diego CA

Just as streets, sidewalks, public buildings and recreational facilities are a part of a community’s infrastructure, so are publicly owned trees. An urban forest is an important asset that requires tree and plant care and maintenance in the same manner as any other public property.

It is beneficial for a city council to be aware and proactive with its urban tree programs. At Arborwell Professional Tree Management, we offer the most professional arborist services which include planting, removal and maintenance of public trees, tree planting requirements for new development, tree wellness programs, street tree inventories and strategic planning.

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Urban forestry makes for healthier cities

Trees add aesthetic beauty and a natural richness to our lives. Communities with properly managed and maintained urban forests are more desirable and healthy places to live. A healthy urban forest can be a great source of civic pride. Strategic tree planting can provide cooling relief and shade thereby reducing air conditioning costs up to 50 percent in summer. In winter, it helps in wind speed reduction resulting in reduced heating costs by 10–25%.

Urban tree programs benefit the community

An inventory of street trees helps identify the maintenance requirements. A management plan helps the city council prioritize its spending for tree pruning, planting, removal and protection of trees in the community. It is to the benefit of a city council to maintain a full-time arborist to take care of its urban tree programs. At Arborwell Professional Tree Management, we are experts in the field of urban forestry management and arboriculture.

Call Arborwell today at or fill in the tree assessment request form online. The trained arborists at Arborwell Professional Tree Management will help plan your urban forest plantation and establish a maintenance program your trees can live with.

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