Coastal Tree Selection and Planting

Coastal Tree Selection and Planting

The right selection and planting of coastal trees can make for energy efficient cities in California.

Rapid growth of Californian cities during the past 50 years is associated with a steady increase in temperatures and an increased electric demand for cooling. However, in many parts of coastal California, there is still ample opportunity to create more energy-efficient landscapes through strategic tree planting.

It is possible to manage your tree planting and selection process to improve energy efficiency by planting the right species in the right spot and doing the right pruning.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s arborist services can offer the most complete coastal tree planting services that will provide you with all the benefits of a well planned and energy-efficient property.

Call us today at to discuss your coastal tree plantation needs. We serve all areas of northern and southern California.

Your requirements for trees may range from solar friendly trees in winter to shade trees in summer. Use of well-placed solar friendly deciduous trees on your property provides shade during the summer while allowing scarce sunlight through in the winter when leaves have fallen.

You may need trees that act as windbreaks if you live close to the coast. Evergreens like Incense Cedar, New Zealand Christmas tree and Canary Island pines reduce winter heating costs by serving as windbreaks and also reduce impacts of winter storms and accompanying salt spray.

Why choose Arborwell?

  • Our trained arborists will help you to select the right trees for your property
  • Our tree maintenance programs ensure that trees around homes and commercial buildings are well taken care of
  • Arborwell’s tree wellness plans ensure your trees remain healthy

Call Arborwell today at or fill out the Property Assessment form and get our ISA trained arborists to visit your property and get an estimate for your coastal tree plantation needs.

Remember – The right tree in the right spot saves energy. Trust Arborwell’s arborists to help you make the right selections.

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