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Preventing and Controlling Insects from chewing leaves and foliage from trees

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Insects can threaten tree health through the eating of leaves of plants (defoliation) and sucking the sap, both of which can prevent healthy tree growth. Insect control in plants and trees is essential, although it should be remembered that some insects will contribute to the well-being of your trees.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management will inspect damaged plants for dangerous bugs and insects like Aphids. Our Plant and Tree Wellness Plans will protect your plants and soil from insect damage and bring your plants back to a healthy life.

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Insects which damage plants can be categorized according to their feeding method: boring, chewing, or sucking. Each category causes specific patterns of damage to trees, which will help to identify the culprit and thereby the required treatment.

The insects which damage plants by chewing foliage or sucking sap from leaves, branches and twigs include aphids, mealy bugs, beetles, thrips, and caterpillars or moth larvae. Plants and trees will exhibit symptoms such as wilting leaves, leaf skeletonization, dropping leaves, discoloration, honeydew, and stippling of leaves. The damage caused will help to identify the particular insect responsible for the problem.

Arborwell’s trained Wellness technicians will inspect your trees for signs of insect attack or bug infestation and identify the insects responsible for the damage, so that the correct treatment can be applied. This can include applying a horticultural oil or soap to the infected species, which is most effective when large numbers of over-wintering eggs are detected. Soil injections can also be used for systemic control and the tree will then absorb the insecticide through its roots and take it to the leaves and branches.

If your plants, trees and shrubs are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed above, please call us today or complete the Tree Assessment Request Form online so that we can evaluate which tree care and pest control services would be most appropriate for you.

  • Inspect your trees and plants regularly for damage caused by leaf eating insects.
  • Leaf eating insects cause irregular damage, resulting in curled, wilting, skeletized, or dropped leaves.
  • Insect control in plants and trees can be prevented using our effective tree and plant pest control services.
  • Insect infestation and damage can be treated by our skilled and qualified arborists.

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