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Great looking gardens and landscapes have one thing in common – the trees and shrubs are kept well trimmed. Tree trimming is the process of reducing branches from a tree for making the tree safer to its surrounding environment, improving the tree’s health and attractiveness, and also to improve your view or the public’s view and safety of your properties.

Tree trimming and pruning requires an artist’s touch and a scientist’s mind. Arborwell Professional Tree Management offers you professional tree trimming services that enhance the beauty of your property and increase its value while maintaining the health of your trees.

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We serve all of California – San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Capital Area and Central Valley, along with all of Southern California, including San Diego and Temecula areas.

A tree may need trimming for a variety of reasons:

  • to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches
  • to thin the crown to permit new growth and assist the tree to grow without branches rubbing against each other
  • to reduce the height of a tree
  • to remove obstructing lower branches
  • to shape a tree
  • to remove boughs over or towards buildings
  • to clear power lines
  • to gain light in house and garden

Before tree trimming is done it is essential that a thorough evaluation is done to determine whether cutting off and removing branches will actually benefit the tree and whether the proposed trimming will affect its useful life expectancy. Seasonal tree trimming by the arborist technicians at Arborwell keeps the flowering seasons in mind, thus ensuring that next year’s buds are not inadvertently removed.

The professionally trained arborists at Arborwell Professional Tree Management provide regular tree trimming maintenance services such as crown thinning or reduction, branch pruning, and young tree pruning. All these services are provided in consultation with you at your convenience.
We use latest tools and techniques for all tree trimming services to get the work done quickly, safely and efficiently.

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