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Drought Tolerant Trees for Southern California

Are you one of the many businesses looking to do your part in reducing water use during Southern California’s severe drought conditions? Every little conservation step you take helps support a more secure water future. Arborwell’s San Diego consulting arborists are here to help you achieve your goal of creating a more waterwise landscape with this list of drought-tolerant trees for Southern California.

Landscape Trees for Drought Conditions in Southern California

Drought tolerant tree options for Southern California include:

  • California sycamore
  • California pepper
  • Live oak
  • Flowering pear
  • Desert willow
  • Crepe myrtle
  • Brazilian pepper
  • Blue palo verde
  • Acacia saligna (orange wattle)
  • Australian willow
  • Australian bottle
  • African sumac
  • Camphor
  • Carolina cherry
  • Carrotwood
  • Chilean mesquite
  • Chinese elm
  • Indian laurel
  • Jacaranda
  • Liquidambar
  • Mimosa
  • Mexican fan palm
  • Strawberry tree
  • Sweet acacia
  • Willow acacia

California is a large state, encompassing a wide range of temperature hardiness zones ranging from USDA zone 8 to 11. We strongly recommend consulting our tree planting service professionals for assistance in selecting the best plants and trees for your Southern California landscape, so you can ensure your landscape’s lasting beauty for many years to come.

Tips for Reducing Irrigation Use in Southern California

Thoughtful planning is essential to tree care during a drought. In addition to planting waterwise trees and landscaping, there are many additional steps your business can take to reduce your irrigation needs. Ways to maximize water use include:

  • Planting shade trees, which lower air and soil temperatures, reducing irrigation needs.
  • Grouping plants based on irrigation requirements.
  • Irrigating greenery with about an inch of water per week, rather than by the clock or calendar, watering at night to reduce evaporation.
  • Installing slow, soaking forms of irrigation like drip irrigation and matched precipitation rate rotating sprinklers, designed to target tree roots, and not run off or overspray.
  • Incorporating soil improvements to address compaction and drainage issues.
  • Mulching and composting to insulate tree roots, add nutrients, and aid in water retention.

Upgrade your landscape to a more waterwise design with these drought tolerant trees for Southern California. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management’s San Diego office or your nearest California office to speak to a certified local arborist today.


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