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Soil analysis is key to effective nutrient management

Tree Fertilization Services in Orange County, California

Arborwell Professional Tree Management Service’s Orange County ISA certified arborists provide expert soil analysis and effective nutrient management to promote vibrant growth and extend the life of your heritage and ornamental trees. California home owners, real estate developers, golf courses, commercial and property management companies rely on our effective Tree Wellness Plans to protect and preserve their trees.

Effective nutrient management involves administering the exact amounts of the right nutrients to the soil. Without proper soil analysis to determine what is required, your tree fertilization and soil amendment efforts would largely be trial and error, and could do serious damage.

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Expert soil analysis ensures reliable results

Soil analysis or soil testing is the only way to determine the level of nutrients and fertilization procedure. Every tree, plant and yard has explicit requirements so the success of your nutrient management program depends on finding out the specifics.

Soil analysis involves testing for pH levels and other important nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc. It is important for samples to be taken at various times during the year, properly handled and sent immediately to the lab for analysis.

Arborwell has extensive experience, a proven process, and qualified arborists to ensure precise and reliable results. Contact us for accurate soil analysis in your area of Orange County.

Certified arborists ensure successful nutrient management

Soil compacting and erosion, rain, and extreme weather deplete essential nutrients from the soil. Of the 20 main nutrients, some are required in large quantities and others in smaller amounts. Improper use of nutrients (as in the case of under or over tree fertilization) could stunt growth, shorten tree life or even result in early demise. California oaks are especially sensitive. Overuse of nutrients can also harm the environment.

Arborwell Professional Tree Management offers first rate arboricultural services throughout California. Accurate soil analysis and in depth knowledge of soil and tree types allows us to design effective nutrient management plans for your trees. We also limit the use of chemicals so that your employees, family, pets and the environment are safe.

Our customized tree fertilization program and Diamond Certification (by ARC) ensures best results for your plants and trees.

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